I'm A Bad Blogger

I'm A Bad Blogger

It feels like it's been a while here and it has. I've come back to blogging with my tail between my legs and my head hanging low, having to admit to the fact that I am indeed a bad blogger. It's been almost two months since I've uploaded a post that sits in with my schedule, but recently I've found myself in a bit of a blogging rut. There's been quite a bit going on lately and I've just found myself quite caught up and overwhelmed by it all. In one of the posts I wrote way back in August, I kicked up a fuss about how I'd finally found a blogging schedule I could stick to... well... that didn't quite transfer. Well, let's just say that life has caught up with me since going back to college and that a-levels have hit me like a tonne of bricks. I thought I'd come back to explain myself and let you know what's going to be happening with Five Foot Seven in the foreseeable future. Let's just say that there's going to be some changes.

The first place to start is explaining my absence over the last few months. As I previously mentioned, it's not just been down to one thing but a culmination of many, the main one being college. Over the summer I obviously wasn't at college, meaning that I had lots more time on my hands. I focused all of my time and energy on blogging every day of August, (which turned out to be a complete fail), so much so that I didn't schedule any posts for when I actually got back to college for my A2 year. Since going back to full-time education, the workload hasn't stopped and the time I thought I would have for blogging, had to be used for work. There's been homework, tests to revise for, coursework deadlines and then the prospect of what I'm going to do when I leave the bubble of compulsory education.

Although I've somehow managed to just keep on top of the workload, there have been weeks where my to-do list seems to only grow and not get any smaller. Of course, this means that Five Foot Seven had to take a back seat for a little while, despite wanting nothing more than to open up my Blogger dashboard and write.

Whilst we're having a life update post and since it is relevant, another thing that has been taking up a lot of my time is the thought of what am I going to do next year and with my life. I leave compulsory education next year, and for years I've told myself and others that I don't want to go to university. That was until very recently. Having been so adverse to the idea going to university, I had to turn my thoughts to what I wanted to do instead. That's easier said than done when you still don't know for sure what you want to do for the rest of your life. I looked into various apprenticeships and jobs but decided to look at a university anyway, to make sure that I wasn't just being stubborn. To cut quite a long story short, I've fallen in love with the course in Music Journalism at BIMM Brighton and have now decided that that's what I want to do. This does mean that much of my time recently has been spent locked away in the college library filling out my UCAS application and writing my personal statement. One tip of advice, look at your options early and don't decide at the last minute that maybe you do actually want to go to university... It's pretty stressful.

My third reason is that I've found myself stuck in a blogging rut with very little inspiration to write. I currently have at least six posts just saved as drafts because I've either got half way through and not finished it or started it and not liked the concept. Looking at the pieces I was producing back in August, I'm not happy with everything I was writing. Some of them I'm really proud of, but others, I was only writing because I'd put pressure on myself to upload to a schedule. Over the last week or so, I've read and looked back at every post I've ever written here on Five Foot Seven. I've reverted a load to drafts for future editing and republication, edited a handful but kept them live and also deleted at least fifteen posts which just weren't showing what I was about. It's really difficult to see pieces you spent so long on be deleted at the click of a button, but it had to be done because I wasn't one-hundred percent happy with them.

If you're a blogger you might understand what I mean, but when you're not happy with the content you're producing, you're just not motivated to write it. That's another reason I didn't write. When I looked at Five Foot Seven, I didn't always think, "Yeah, I'm really happy with everything I've written". A lot of the time, I'd be thinking along the lines of, "Meh, that post is ok, but I wish I'd written it this way or photographed it that way". Thinking that about something you're voluntarily doing, makes you question whether it's really worth it at all. Is writing this post really worth all this time and energy? Is it going to be well received or is it going to flop like that other post? I want to write because I want to, not because I feel pressured to stick to an upload schedule where I post mediocre content that I'm not one-hundred percent proud of.

I'm hoping that this is the start of a new chapter for Five Foot Seven. Blogging is something I love doing and if I had the chance, I would do it 24/7. Sadly, that isn't an option because, well, life. But now that this update is out there and I have a handful of posts written and scheduled, hopefully, normality can return to Five Foot Seven.

The Ten Piece Brush Set Every Beauty Obsessive Needs

The Ten Piece Brush Set Every Beauty Obsessive Needs

If you've been stalking through beauty hashtags over the last couple of months, then you'll be sure to have seen the hype surrounding the brand, Spectrum. They've been popping up everywhere, from the pages of Cosmo to Lou Teasdale's Instagram page, as well as being used on the stars of The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea. I've been absolutely dying to get my hands on a brush set from Spectrum for the longest time, and now that I have, I too understand the hype that surrounds this brand and their brushes.

So what's so good about these brushes? For starters, they're a vegan and cruelty-free brand, only using synthetic hair in their brushes. This makes them super soft, (I'm not the only person to have commented on the softness of these brushes!), and also easier to clean. Another great thing about them is that you can either buy several brushes as part of a set, or you can buy each brush individually. The most expensive individual brush is only £8.99, so they're incredibly affordable, even for students. And on a slightly less practical note, they're totally Instagramable - I mean come on, look at them!

I've been loyal to my Real Techniques brushes for years now, but since these arrived in the mail last week, I can't help but feel unloyal in saying that the Spectrum brushes have possibly taken the top spot. There's something about them that feels so luxe. Whether it's the slightly weightier feel to them, or the softness of the brush hairs, something about them just works for me. In the 10 Piece Essential Set, there are three face brushes, six eye brushes and one lip brush. Basically, every brush you could ever need is included.

F A C E  B R U S H E S
A01 - Large Domed Powder Brush
Not much is needed to be said about this brush as it simply does what it says on the tin. It's great because it's so large, that powder can easily be applied in quite literally two or three strokes. It's also great for blending out bronzer and blush, despite the 'A' coding, suggesting that it is best used for application.

The coding of A, B and C is an indication of how the brushes are best used. They stand for 'A' for Application, 'B' for Blending & Buffing, and 'C' for Contouring.

A05 - Small Angled Blush
The Small Angled Brush, although designed for blush, has become a personal favourite of mine for contouring. It's angled brush shape allows you to get the product into the cheek bones, contouring beautifully once blended out with the A01 - Large Domed Powder Brush. These two brushes together are the dream team and probably my favourite two from the whole set. I've also enjoyed using this brush for highlighting along the tops of my cheekbones.

B01 - Flat Top Buffer
As the 'B' in the name suggests, this brush is part of the Blending and Buffing range. It's perfect for applying foundation, as well as for it's intended use of buffing out certain areas. I like to couple this brush with my Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques, and I find that I'm left with the most beautiful looking skin.

E Y E  B R U S H E S

A06 - Large Fluffy Shader
I've found this brush most effective when dusting one colour across the whole lid. It gives an even deposition of colour. and also blends slightly because of the fluffiness of the brush, making my life a lot easier in the mornings.

A09 - Angled Eyeliner
Eyeliner has never really been my game. I can't do it well, and I don't think I particularly suit it. So I haven't had the chance to use this brush yet. I think I might try it out as a lip brush in the future, but until I do, I can't give my opinion on it. Soz.

A17 - Angled Brow
This brush really speaks for itself, and I've been using it to apply powder eyeshadows to my brows once I've outlined the shape with my Soap and Glory pencil. I can imagine this brush also working well for pomades if that's what you prefer to use.

B03 - Buffing Concealer
The size of this brush makes it perfect for it's intended use. I've never had a brush specifically designed for concealer, but this one makes blending undereye concealer so much easier. It's very similar to some of my eyeshadow brushes, but the density of this one, in particular, makes it far better for buffing concealer than any of mine could. 

B04 - Small Angled Blender
Perfect for applying and blending product into the crease, the Small Angled Blender brush is just the right size to sit comfortably in the socket of the eye. It is similar to the Large Fluffy shader in the sense that it not only deposits the right amount of product but also blends it too. 

B06 - Tall Tapered Blender
The Tall Tapered Blender brush will be your best friend if you're impartial to a smokey eye every now and then. It is ideal for blending out shadows seamlessly, regardless of the eye look you're trying to achieve. 

                                                   L I P  B R U S H E S

A15 - Lip Liner

Similarly to the Angled Eyeliner brush, I haven't really had the chance to actually try this brush out yet. The only time I have used it is to apply inner corner highlight to my eyes, which it does a very good job at because of the size and shape of the brush. I have a similar brush to this, and I quite like using it to clean up around my brows once I have filled them in.

Have any of you tried the Spectrum Brushes? If so, what did you think of them? I have to admit that I have fallen head over heels for them. They're brilliant brushes, and have already worked their way into my daily routine. Let me know your thoughts.

Best Things I Learnt From Beauty Bloggers

Best Things I Learnt From Beauty Bloggers

Of all of the blogging niches, I'd go as far as to say that beauty bloggers take the most flack from pretty much everyone. There's a load of misconceptions about us which I'm thinking about writing a whole other post about, but the reality is that these preconceived ideas couldn't be any further from the truth. Before I even began writing I read plenty of blogs, and many of the tips and tricks I use and share today are from the women that take the flack just because they write about makeup. Anyway, today I'm going to share some of the best things that I've learnt from beauty bloggers, new and old.

L E S S   I S   M O R E
Something I am so thankful to have been taught is that less is more when working with foundations, concealers and eyeshadows. You can always add more if you haven't got enough, but it's harder to blend away if you've applied too much. When I'm having a bad skin day, I'm often tempted to wear more foundation than normal to try and cover the redness of my cheeks, but that is not the way to go, especially if you're using a full coverage product like MAC Studio Fix. It makes the texture of your skin look dreadful and attracts attention to the parts of your face that you don't want it to - Less is more.

H E A T   U P   E Y E L A S H   C U R L E R S
An odd tip but if you curl your lashes, you may find that your curlers work best when warmed. I heat mine with a hairdryer for a few seconds and find that my lashes stay curled for much longer than they do when I don't warm them. Obviously, you need to make sure they're not too hot when you actually curl your lashes because I can tell you now, I have made this mistake and it hurt like hell. As long as you're careful, this tip is one of the best that I know and proves to be the most effective. 

I N C R E A S E   P E R F U M E   L O N G E V I T Y
Once you've applied your perfume to the backs of your wrists, instead of rubbing, dab your wrists against one another. Rubbing your wrists together like many people do, apparently according to physicists, breaks down the molecules of the perfume. Dabbing prevents this breakdown of molecules and evenly disperses the perfume across both wrists. Another tip is to apply something like Vaseline to the area you're going to spray. Somehow, this makes the scent last much longer than it does when you apply straight onto the skin.

H I G H   E N D   I S N'T   A L W A Y S   B E S T
Before I really got into makeup, I'd always believed that you got what you paid for. The more expensive something is, the better quality it is. Having got older and tested the water on both sides, I now know that this isn't necessarily the case. There are some great products in Boots and Superdrug that in my opinion, are much better than some of the high-end equivalents. 

Y O U   D O N T   N E E D   T O   W E A R   M A K E U P
This is by far the most important thing I've learnt. I started wearing makeup from a young age, and  I don't just mean a little bit of mascara every now and then. Possibly from as young as twelve, but definitely thirteen, there wouldn't be a day that I would be seen outside the house without foundation on. I just didn't feel comfortable enough to go out without anything on my face.

Wearing makeup isn't compulsory and sometimes your skin looks fine without any; that's something I've only come to accept over the last couple of months. Makeup is fun and yes, does sometimes make you feel better about yourself, but you don't have to wear it every single day. 

What are some of the pieces of advice that you learnt from beauty bloggers?


How To Relax and Unwind Effectively

How To Relax and Unwind Effectively

Everyone has those days when you just want to come home, relax, switch off from the stress that the day has brought and take some time for yourself. After a busy day, it can be hard to get your brain to stop spinning and just take a breather, which we all need to do. For some people, it's easy to switch off and relax but for others like us, seeing as you're reading this post, relaxing doesn't come so naturally. Sometimes it can be difficult to switch off, but there are a couple of things I like to do to de-stress and unwind at the end of a long day or week.

#1: Have a bath
There's something really relaxing about having a bath. The wifi in my house doesn't reach the bathroom so it means I can't use my phone, which in some cases is a good thing. It means that I can totally switch off and because I'm unable to check messages or social media, I usually end up taking a book in with me and reading. With the addition of a bath bomb and bubbles (because bubbles make everything better), it's always a way that helps me to relax before I head to bed.

#2: Leave your phone in another room
This goes along with what I said about taking a bath, but taking a break from your phone for a few hours can actually do you a world of good! If you're part of a manic group chat and messages are going off left right and centre, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. By leaving your phone in another room or even just turning it off, it means that you are unreachable and allows you to take that time for yourself.

#3: Take the time to read
If reading a book isn't your thing then try a magazine instead; just try to avoid using your phone. I find that if I can't get to sleep, reading a book sends me off quickly. If you find a good book and can get into it, then there's nothing more relaxing than ending a stressful day with half an hour of reading.

#4: Listen to music

When I say listen to music I don't mean heavy metal Slipknot. I mean something that's calming and is going to help you wind down. as opposed to something that's going to do the exact the opposite. There are many playlists on YouTube and Spotify which were created to help you relax, full of calming music. Alternatively, you can make your own playlist which is what I chose to do. If you want, you can take a look at my chill out playlist by clicking here.

#5: Reblog! Reblog! Reblog!

Now this one does go against what I said in number two, but there's something about Tumblr which I find really calming. Just scrolling down my dash, reblogging posts here and there is something I love to do before I actually get into bed and try to get to sleep. If Tumblr isn't your thing, try Pinterest; or anything that will just take your mind off work.

The Reverse Bucket List: Fourteen Things I've Already Accomplished

The Reverse Bucket List: Fourteen Things I've Already Accomplished

I think I'm right to assume that everyone knows of, or has heard of a bucket list. It's a list of things you want to accomplish before you endure the meaning of the idiom and "kick the bucket" if you will. I love lists, and I also love the idea of setting goals for things that I want to achieve during my lifetime. The reverse bucket list, however, is a great way to look back on the things you have already achieved, and although it's always important to look ahead, I believe it's equally as important to look back. So here's X things I've managed to accomplish in my seventeen years of existence.

1. Taught myself to play the guitar - Yes. Somehow, I taught myself without lessons.

2. Went on my first holiday without my family - It may have only been a four-day break with my friends but we still travelled to the other end of the country!

3. Saw One Direction live - I have no shame in admitting that those gigs have by far been some of the best experiences I've ever had.

4. Learnt a foreign language - I kind of one-upped myself here and learnt two: French and Spanish.

5. Read a three-hundred and thirty-six-page book, cover to cover in one day. Let's just say that The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins had me hooked...

6. Added seventy-four orange dots to my map of places I've been. - I have a large map on my wall that shows the British coastline from the Isles Of Scilly right along to Dover, and also the North French coastline from Brest right up to Calais. Every time we go on holiday on the boat, I add a marker to the map to show where I have been, and within the area that the map covers, I have seventy-four orange stickers. I also have an additional eighteen places which are off the map, so in total that comes to ninety-two ports and harbours in countries including Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland and of course, at home here in the UK.

The map above my desk with some of the stickers over places like Saint Malo and Iles Chausey in Brittany
7. To go along with point three, I've also seen 5 Seconds of Summer, and Little Mix, and McBusted, and Paloma Faith, and Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet (You know, from the band that sings Gold?) lols, don't ask, it just sort of happened.

8. Started a blog - and look where we are now!

9. Drove a car for the first time - Granted, it may have been no faster than five miles an hour but I still drove a car!

10. Visited Amsterdam for the day.

11. Navigated the Tube in London alone without getting lost

12. Sang as part of a choir at the Royal Albert Hall and the O2 Arena in London - I may have only been twelve or thirteen but it's still pretty darn cool if you ask me.

13. Managed to keep my cactus called Jonny, alive.

14. Been featured in a magazine - I must have been thirteen years old so you can imagine how bad I looked. (It was dreadful. If I ever get confident enough I might just share the photos!)

Although I love the idea of a bucket list, the reverse bucket list is something I think we should all have noted away on a sheet of paper somewhere...

Is x


Was High Beam Really Worth The Hype?

Was High Beam Really Worth The Hype?

Benefit's High Beam has certainly done its rounds in the online beauty community, being a cult product for many since it's release. With products like these where every man and their dog is seemingly singing its praises, I often find myself succumbing to temptation in Debenham's Blue Cross sale - Curse you, Debenhams! I've been putting it through its paces over the last couple of months, but did I think that this little bottle of radiance was really worth the £19.50 price tag?

"Supermodel in a bottle!" is how High Beam is described on Benefit's website, but sadly I cannot agree with this statement. Upon application, I was expecting to transform into Kendall Jenner's long lost sister, with cheeks highlighted to within an inch of perfection, and emails from Versace and Balmain dropping into my inbox asking me to walk in their next show. Much to my disappointment, I was no closer to looking like Kendall, and the only emails in my inbox were from my college... So I feel as if the whole 'Supermodel in a bottle!' claim needs to be dropped.

All jokes aside, I must admit that despite the hype that surrounds this product, I've really struggled to get it to work for me. With my dry skin, I'm always up for trialling a product which is going to give me some sort of glow. I tried every possible method of application: strobing with it beneath foundation, adding it after foundation, using a sponge with it, using a brush, priming my skin, not priming my skin - the list goes on. Despite all of these various attempts, I still found that it just wouldn't blend out the way I was hoping it would. It just looked a little like somebody had swiped the product across my cheek and left it at that, no matter how hard I tried to blend it out. Yes, it gave a nice initial glow, but when adding foundation over the top, I found that the glow just sort of disappeared. It is described as being subtly luminous, but I do want to actually have some glow left after applying additional products. I obviously don't want to look like I've taken part in the Full Face of Highlighters Challenge, but I want to glow enough so that people will stop and ask me what's making my skin so luminous, and so that I can gush over this amazing product that's totally worth the large dent in your savings. If it's the subtle look that you're after then this may well be a hit with you, but if you want something more, prepare to be a little disappointed.

I know that Benefit are a high-end beauty brand, but High Beam just seems so overpriced for what it actually is. Even if you are looking for that subtle glow, I strongly believe you could find a far cheaper alternative from the likes of Makeup Revolution, or Barry M, both who have some great dupes for this type of product. Maybe it's the frugal student in me, but I can't quite see where the £19.50 is in High Beam. For the small fortune this costs, I can't find anything particularly revolutionary or unique that tempts me to say, 'Ok. Yeah, I can justify spending £19,50 on that!', and that's just my honest opinion. So was High Beam worth the hype? To put it simply - No. Not really.

If you've tried out High Beam. is it a product you swear by, or can you understand where I'm coming from? I'd love to know.

What I Got Up To During August

What I Got Up To During August

If you're still a student, then August is probably one of the best months of the year. It's a whole month of freedom from education, where you can do as you please and relax - most of the time. I read a post on What Olivia Did, where she shared a selection of things that she did during 2015. Since reading this post, I have been inspired to write my own, and August has been the perfect month to do this. Like every other month, it has been one filled with little menial tasks, but there have of course been some amazing experiences which I want to be able to look back on in the months and years to come. 

A   F A M I L Y   M I N I   B R E A K
We took a little weekend break over to the Studland in Dorset to meet up with some old family friends. We sailed over during the morning and spent the afternoon catching up with our friends and swimming from the boat in the bay. Let's just say that the water was much colder than I was expecting. Later on in the evening, we headed up to the Bankes Arms for the beer festival, and also to stretch our legs from being out on the water all day. Music is one of my big passions, so I was most looking forward to the live music later on in the evening. Although I didn't know much of what was being played since the music catered more towards people of my Dad's age, (soz Dad), I still had a lovely time catching up with friends and taking in the atmosphere.

On Sunday we headed round to Chapman's Pool, a small cove further round the Purbecks. We honestly couldn't have had better weather, once again being tricked into thinking that the water was warmer than it actually was. If you've ever visited Lulworth Cove, Chapman's Pool is a little like that but only really easily accessible by boat. In the right weather, it is stunning, with only a couple of fisherman huts on the beach and small waterfalls on some of the lower cliffs. After a post breakfast swim, we began the three-hour sail back up to the Solent. When I was younger I used to absolutely hate the travelling part of being on the boat but for some reason, as I've grown older I've come to love it. I'm not sure why, but maybe because you become so disconnected from everything; no internet access, no stress, no real noise - just you and the sea. It's not often you can feel that disconnected, so I now welcome it with open arms.

S P E N T   T I M E   W I T H   F R I E N D S
This isn't something new, but this month I've been able to spend more time with my friends. Obviously, I see them at college, but not as much as I would like since we all have different timetables and aren't always in the same classes. I've spent so much time with friends new and old, some who I've only really gotten to know well within the last couple of months. I feel really lucky to have the friends that I do, even if I don't see some of them as much as I would like to. I feel as if seventeen is an age where everyone is beginning to branch off and doing different things. With people being on their own agendas it makes it harder to get together, especially if you have quite a large friendship group like I did when at school. I definitely appreciate the time I have with my friends more than I used to. This month I've been to some great parties, and also just spent days out and about in places we've never been before. Ah, the freedom of driving!

G O T   M Y   A S  R E S U L T S 
Midway through the month, I was finally able to put my AS result worries to rest. As a couple of my close friends know, I have spent the last couple of months tearing my hair out over these four results. I really struggled during the exam period for a number of different reasons, and after one particularly bad exam where I realised that I knew absolutely nothing, it hit me I might have messed up massively across all of my subjects. From my last exam right up to results day, there wasn't a day when I didn't worry about what those four letter results would be. So when the eighteenth of August came around, I was more than ready to finally get these results and move on, whatever those four grades were. I'm really not sure how, but my results came back better than I was expecting - except from that one subject where I realised just how little I actually knew.

The sense of relief that I felt for the rest of the day was just indescribable. I now understand what people mean when they use the phrase, 'a weight was lifted from my shoulders.' and also how that feels. I spent the rest of that day with my friends who I'm actually so glad to have. Without getting soppy and super emosh, they're just three of the best friends I could have. #BigUpTityCrew

B L O G G I N G 
Need I even mention blogging in this post? Probably not. This month I've definitely found myself wanting to write more often and make what I do write, better. I've finally found a posting schedule which I can stick to, and have planned out a list of posts I'd like to get scheduled for when I go back to college in September. I've said it before, but blogging really has become one of my passions. Writing is something I have always enjoyed, and blogging has just been one of the best outlets for that. Although it can be a very time consuming thing, I've really enjoyed being able to dedicate more time and effort to Five Foot Seven recently.

So that's just a quick round up of some of the things I've been getting up to during August. Obviously, I've skimmed over some things that have happened this month, but these have been some of my highlights which I can hopefully continue on doing in September. What have been some of your August highlights?


Hold Onto Summer with These 4 Songs

Hold Onto Summer with These 4 Songs

It's August, and sadly that means one thing. The summer is beginning to come to an end and the nights are starting to draw in. The festivals are passing by with only a couple left before the festival season comes to an end and in my mind, summer goes with that. As soon as the festivals finish up, everyone has to start going back to work and get on with the mundane aspects of life again. But how can you hold onto that summer feeling as you adjust back into your nine to five day at the office? By listening to some of the songs that featured on your summer playlist.

H Y M N   F O R   T H E   W E E K E N D  B Y   C O L D P L A Y  +  S E E B  
This isn't the original version of Hymn For The Weekend, but instead a remix created by Norwegian duo, Seeb. As much as I love the original Coldplay version, Seeb's remix is by far one of my favourite tracks from this summer playlist. I can't put my finger on it as to why I love it so much - I just do.

F A L S E   A L A R M   B Y   M A T O M A  +  B E C K Y  H I L L
Matoma is someone who I've heard about here and there since the start of the year, but never quite delved into until the other day. Spotify has pulled it out of the bag, proving to me that the annoying ads are actually worth sitting through, just for that one song. There aren't many songs that I listen to and immediately think, 'That was amazing. I'm downloading that', but False Alarm has made it into the select few that do provoke that response. Since discovering it a week or so ago, I have probably listened to it at least ten times... I still have no regrets though.

D O N E   W I T H   I T   B Y   K E N S I N G T O N
This song has managed to feature in a couple of my monthly playlists purely because I love it so much. I don't know about you but for me, some songs just have certain memories attached to them. Like some people have a holiday scent that reminds them of a memory, I have a holiday song. I have many happy memories attached to this song and it allows me to reminisce over many great experiences I've had this summer.

F L U O R E S C E N T   A D O L E S C E N T  B Y   A R C T I C   M O N K I E S 
An old classic which quite frankly, I'd forgotten even existed until a few weeks ago. I used to love this song so I'm not sure how 'd managed to forget about it. It's not a song which reminds me of summer in the slightest, but it has featured over on my summer playlist. Obviously, I couldn't leave it out of this post. Arctic Monkeys are a band whose sound I really like. Their music is nothing like what people assume my music taste to be, so I always like to drop their name in when people ask what artists I listen to.

Want to find out what other songs have featured on my soundtrack of the summer? You can listen to the full Spotify playlist, below.

This Limited Edition Scent is a Summer Must Have

This Limited Edition Scent is a Summer Must Have

I'd go as far as to say that the Marc Jacobs fragrances are one of the most popular scents currently on the market. In 2014, Marc Jacobs launched the limited edition scent, Daisy Delight, an Eu de toilette which has notes of apple, quince flower, freesia, iris, peony, cedar wood and sandalwood. It's a scent that I wear more in the summer than the winter, but is certainly a must have in your collection. It's a classic summer scent so when the winter rolls around, I cant help but long for it to be summer just so I can wear it again. Obviously you could, but for me it's just a summer thing.

Considering this is an Eu de Toilette and not a perfume, the longevity of the scent is impressive. I spritz it in all the obvious places: neck, wrists and behind the ear, but also once or twice in my hair. When I'm walking along, every so often I'll get a subtle hint of the scent when my hair blows about in the wind. I'll get home after a long day and still be able to detect the scent either on my skin, clothing or hair.

The cap of the bottles have become a statement for Marc Jacobs fragrances, and the Daisy scents are no exception. The bright magenta and turquoise flowers make this fragrance something that could easily be displayed on a dressing table as a decorative piece. I'm always on the look out for a perfume that not only smells nice, but also looks nice for display in my bedroom. This ticks both of those boxes ten times over.

Do you have a statement summer scent, or a must have product for the summer months? Share it below!