New Releases at Jekyll's Candles

With December finally here and Christmas just around the corner, every home decor lover is scouring Pinterest for inspiration as to how they can decorate bigger and better than last year. Where should they put that garland? What colour scheme should they have for the tree this year? Which scented candle do they use in each room? Winter is probably my favourite season, so naturally, I fall into the aforementioned category of candle lover. Particularly during the run up to Christmas, I love to support independent businesses when looking for gifts for family and friends. When you buy from an independent, you know that you can’t beat the craftsmanship of something made by hand. The personal touch is something you just can't get from a mass produced item, so knowing that there has been considerable time and effort invested in your order makes the whole process of shopping so much more rewarding.

In keeping wit the Christmas spirit and supporting smaller businesses, I thought I'd share some of Jekyll's Candles' products, currently a range of scented Soy Wax Melts. The newly released scent on the Etsy Store is Candyfloss, set to be added on the 11th December. Other scents in the range include Green Apple, Black Cherry, Vanilla and the festively appropriate, Gingerbread.

If you're unaware of what wax melts are, like I was at the start of the year, then they're condensed wax which you place in the bowl of a wax burner and light with a tea light from underneath. The wax melts and releases the scent into the room.

A personal favourite of mine is the Vanilla scent. It's a classic scent that lasts well unlike some of the other wax melts I have tried in the past. Once the candle is lit beneath the wax, it melts quickly and releases the scent almost instantly. Even once the candle is blown out and the wax has started to cool, the scent still lingers throughout the room for a while after, something that I've found to be quite rare with wax melts. These melts have a scent as strong as a scented candle, which surprises me since the product itself is actually incredibly small.

You can purchase any of the wax melts on Jekyll's Candles' Etsy shop, and you can keep up to date on their Instagram and Facebook


  1. the candles sound lovely. I find small business to be amazing and always in need for support

  2. These sounds amazing! I love vanilla too, so I will have to try some :)

  3. They look really interesting. Vanilla reminds me a lot of Christmas!